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Anthony Ciaccio is an Italian pianist who has performed in various concert halls across Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Palestine, the UK, Finland, Hungary and Romania. Currently he is a piano professor at the Sassari Conservatory “L. Canepa”. He graduated with full marks at the Palermo Conservatory “Vincenzo Bellini” with the Professor Dorotea Cei. He obtained a Master in Advanced Music Performance at the “Escola Superiore de Musica de Catalunya” in Barcelona (“ESMUC”) with the Professor Vladislav Bronevetzky with the thesis & quot;Brahms the Ignored". He studied at the “A. Cortot” Varesina Academy in Travedona Monate (Varese) with the Professor Roberto Plano and Musical Pedagogy at the University “Dimitrie Cantemir” in Targu Mures (Romania). Over the years he completed various advanced courses including masterclasses held by the Professors Vincenzo Balzani, Epifanio Comis, Violetta Egorova, Roberto Plano, Sergio De Simone and others. He has performed for important institutions, concert halls, festivals and cities including the ConcertHall of Einsiedeln Abbey (Switzerland), the “RKK Pfarramt St.Peter und Paul” in Oberwill organized by the Italian Embassy in Basel, the Eutherpe Hall for the Eutherpe Foundation in Leon, the Concert Hall of the “Max-Rill-Gymnasium Schloss” in Reichersbeuern (Germany), at the "Clavis" festival in Munich, the ESMUC Concert Hall in Barcelona, in the XVII artistic season of the AthenaeumCultural Artistic Association of Barletta (Italy), for the Ars Omnis Cultural Association and the Concert Hall at the Feszek Muveszklub in Budapest, at the Fenyves event in Nograb (Hungary), the Saint Andrew's Church of Scotland for the IX artistic season of “Amici della Musica di Roma”, the Archaeological Park in Caltanissetta for the recital organized by the Sicily Region (Italy), the Concert Hall of the Szeged Symphony Orchestra (Hungary), the “Centro Aragonese de Cultura” in Barcelona for the first performance of the “Sonata Israelita” by Jose Espeita, the Kirjasto Bibliotek and the Arkadia International Bookshop in Helsinki performing the complete Etude op.10 and 25 by Chopin, the Concert Hall of the Musical Institute “Rodolfo del Corona” in Livorno (Italy), for the Fundation Franzo Zerrifelli in Florence, the national Conservatory Edward Said in Ramallah (Palestine), the “Sala degli Archi” in Sciacca for the “Letterando in Fest” event, at the Prince Hall of the Castelbuono Castle Museum, at the Auditorium of Menfi’s library for the cultural institution “Federico II”, theConcert Hall of the Diocesan Museum in Piazza Armerina for the Policromia Association, for the artistic season of the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory, for the fondation Zeffirelli in Florence, the Politeama Theater, the “Oratorio del Rosario di Santa Cita” and the RAI Auditorium in Palermo, the “S.Cicero” Theater in Cefalu’, the “L’Idea” Theater in Sambuca di Sicilia (Italy), and several othersacross Italy and Europe. He won several national and international piano competitions and in 2015 he performed at the & quot; Crescendo & quot; prize, organized by the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra at the Politeama Theater in Palermo, obtaining the second prize. He collaborates with various artists including singers and instrumentalists and, being active since 2015 as a piano ballet for classical dance, he was invited to participate in the “World Day of Dance” at the Camploy Theater in Verona for Classical Dance and Bolera lessons. Previously he worked as piano professor at the “Skené Academy” of Sciacca, in the music and dance in Grosseto, Livorno and Milan, at the Ferrara Conservatory "G. Frescobaldi", at Trapani Conservatory “A. Scontrino”. Since 2022, in addition to collaborating with foreing schools and conservatories, he regularly holds masterclasses and annual specialization courses in Palestine, Romania and Spain, and since 2021 also in Italy, Russia and Korea. 


About Masterclass

This course focuses on aspects concerning posture, piano technique, the use of weight on the keyboard and energy optimization, on agogic indications and the stylistic performance practice of each composer and period, on the psychology of the stage and the organization of study work in preparation before a recital and/or an exam.

  Venue: Malta Piano Academy, Mosta

      Date: 20th August

For reservations & inquires, please contact us on: / +356 794 037 42

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