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"This restaurant serves International cuisine. Try perfectly cooked fillet steaks, fried rabbit and seafood pasta. Most guests recommend trying tasty ice cream and good che. The wine list is versatile, every visitor will find something that suits their taste. Xerri l-Bukkett has the great coffee selection. The well-trained staff welcomes guests all year round. The professional service is a big benefit of this place. Here you will pay average prices. As many reviewers say, the atmosphere is enjoyable. 4.4 is what this spot got from the Google rating system."


  1. Oscar Grima

  2. Elise Camilleri

  3. Luca Cefai

  4. Evan Zammit

  5. Nathan Saliba

  6. Leonard Salau

  7. Ella Cassar

  8. Elizabeth Salau

  9. Amber Cachia

  10. Marli Hurford

  11. Ilona Mercieca

  12. Adam Gauci Davison

  13. Leo Buccheri

  14. Emma Scerri

  15. Gerrard Camilleri

  16. Lucas Bugeja

  17. Isaac Azzopardi

  18. Anneka Xerri

  19. Andy Falzon

  20. Anne Marie Scerri

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