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1. Maxley Maxwell: Yankee Doodle

2. Benjamin Meli: Old Mc Donald

3. Luke Noah Magri: Row-row, Mary had a little Lamb, Marching up and down, In the Rickshaw

4. Ela Galea: The Bee, Toy Soldiers, Steam Boat round the Bend, Clowns

5. Charlotte Adam: The Church Organ, Marching up and down, The Chimes, Old Mc Donald

6. Amy Enriquez: Carry me back home

7. Lisa Saliba Thorne: Ten Little Dancers, The Pipers are Coming

8. Leonard Salau: Skip to my Lou, The Dancing Bear, Tom-toms

9. Karla Sammut: Sunrise, Shadow Dance, The Giant Steps

10. Nathan Saliba: Once upon a time, The Pipers are Coming

11. Riley Maxwell: A Cowboy Song

12. Evan Zammit: From a Wigwam, The Juggler, Boogie

13. Norah Saliba Thorne: Wood Chopper’s Song, A Cowboy Song

14. Bailey Maxwell: Chinese Theatre, Clunie-the Clown

15. Zea Chetcuti: Larkin’ About

16. Elizabeth Salau: Ode to Joy, Catch me if you can, Spanish Melody

17. Ella Cassar: Etude in B flat, Country Gardens

18. Ms Slavica Stojanova Azzopardi: Study Op.105,No.2 by F. Burgmuller

19. Midori Mark: A Little Joke by D. Kabalevsky, Variations on a theme of Paganini by I. Berkovich

20. Lucas Noah Kurvinen: Study & Lemon Juice Blues by H. G. Heumann

21. Amber Cachia: Andante by J. F. Kruger, Study Op.65, No.8 by C. Loeschhorn

22. Adam Gauci Davison: Country Dance by L. V. Beethoven, Lights in a Rearview by B. Crossland

23. Lucas Bugeja: Pirate Stomp by N. Yandell, Vicious Velociraptor by P. Hall & P. Drayton

24. Olivia Geng: Two-Part Invention No. 1 by J. S. Bach

25. Andy Falzon: Inquietude Op.100 No.18 by F. Burgmuller, Study by P. Harris

26. Katrina Delia: Allegro from Sonata No.12 in G major by F. X. Dussek

27. Tongyun Yang: Two-Part Invention No. 4 by J. S. Bach

28. Ailsa Yang: Sonatina Op.55, No.3 in C major, 1 st mov. by F. Kuhlau

29. Isaac Azzopardi: Philomela by D. Pilling

30. Ms Kellyann Spiteri: Etude Op.8, No.5 by A. Scriabin

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