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Alessandro Costantino Bianchi, born in 1993, embarked on his piano studies at the age of 6 under the guidance of his father.
His professional journey has led him to perform at festivals and concert halls both in Italy and abroad, including the "Cafaro" Theater in Latina as a soloist under the direction of Maestro D. Moricca, Teatro "D'Annunzio"  (LT), Palazzo "Caetani" for the Fondi Music Festival as both a soloist with the Fondi City Chamber Orchestra (Maestro G. Pezone 2014; Maestro G. Palikarov 2017) and as a solo pianist, the Venanzo Crocetti Museum in Rome, Castello Caetani in Sermoneta for the International Festival Pontino, Fazioli Pianos at Milan Malpensa,  Hotel Royal Continental in Naples, Lugano's Chamber Music Festival in Switzerland, the Latina Jazz Club "Luciano Marinelli" - auditorium "O.Di Pietro", Westminster Music Library and St. Barnabas Kensington in London, the Eutherpe Foundation in León (Spain). In 2016, he performed and recorded for the national radio of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) during the "Trimontiada" festival. In 2021, he recorded and released the CD "Mozart Piano Variations" for the Da Vinci Classics label, a monographic work on Mozart's piano variations, receiving recognition and being featured on Rai Radio 3's "Primo Movimento" program. In November of the same year, he was invited by the University of Roma Tre, Department of Education Sciences, to present the CD "Mozart Piano Variations" for the "Musica In Formazione" series, as both a speaker and performer. Alessandro also dedicates himself to interdisciplinary artistic and research projects. He collaborated on the project "Harmony between Philosophy and Music" with philosopher and essayist Prof. Diego Fusaro and participated in the presentation of Marcello Veneziani's book "The Unforgivable," during which he performed Chopin's pieces. His artistic versatility extends to composition and improvisation, with concert programs spanning various genres and styles. He has collaborated with the Jazz Orchestra of the Conservatory "O.Respighi" in Latina, conducted by Maestro M. Corvini. He received recognition in the "Lazio Sound" competition in the Jazz category in 2020, and won the Gold Excellence Piano Awards - Original Piano Solo, with his compositions: "Around Debussy" and "Excurrere". Academically, Alessandro obtained a diploma in piano from the Conservatorio "O.Respighi" in Latina in 2014, a Master of Arts in Music Performance from the Swiss Conservatory in Lugano in 2017 under the guidance of M° Sandro D’Onofrio, a Master in Theory and Practice of Ensemble Music Training from the University of Roma Tre in 2020, and a Master's degree in Jazz Piano from the Conservatorio "O.Respighi"  in 2023, under the guidance of M° Andrea Beneventano and Stefania Tallini. During his academic journey, he participated in masterclasses and advanced courses with renowned masters such as Maurizio Baglini, Roberto Prosseda, Alessandra Ammara, and Carlo Guaitoli, Nora Doallo, Marco Marzocchi, and Bruno Canino, among others. His encounter with Maestro Alessandra Brustia in 2015 and subsequently with Maestro Alessandro Deljavan, with whom he continued his studies from 2018, were fundamental. Currently, he conducts teaching and masterclasses for both public and private institutions. New projects are in progress and expected to be published by the end of the current year.

Short description:

These two days of Masterclass will include a group session in seminar format and individual sessions of personalized lessons for each participant. Throughout the masterclass, we will delve into a wide range aspect of piano study and performance, covering topics such as technical gestures, breathing techniques, body awareness for sound production, score analysis, and the development of a solid practice methodology and learning approaches. Furthermore, we'll emphasize the importance of harmony and its practical application on the keyboard, foster imaginative and creative visualization abilities, and underscore the importance of improvisation while guiding participants through their initial steps in this domain. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced pianist, this masterclass offers a unique opportunity to refine your skills, expand your musical horizons, and explore new avenues of expression.

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