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1 Ela Galea

J. Thompson: The Church Organ

Marching Up and Down

Mary had a Little Lamb

Baseball Days

C for Cat


2 Evan Zammit

J. Thompson: The Chimes



3 Lenah Borg Conti


Ingmarov: Roll and Tap

Mary had a Little Lamb

Twinkle, twinkle Little Star


4 Nikola Mojsic

E. M. Burnam: Hot Cross Buns

Two Singing

A Shoe Cobbler


5 Lisa Saliba Thorne


Ingmarov: What’s that in the Mist


6 Norah Saliba Thorne

J. Thompson: The Giant Steps

Tom – Toms


7 Lisa & Norah Saliba Thorne

Ingmarov: Hot cross Buns


8 Marco Busuttil

D’Auberge: Yankee Doodle

Love Somebody

By The Pond

9 Alexandra Galea

J. Thompson: The Dancing Kangaroo

10 Pearl Dimech

Ingmarov: Roll and Tap

A Walk

Old Mc Donald


11 Luke Xuereb

P. Harris: Robots

M. Aron: Indian War Dance


12 Ella Cassar

J. Thompson: The Dancing Kangaroo


Setting up Exercises


13 Luke Casha

J. Thompson: The Chimes

Old Mc Donald


14 Adrian Agius

J. Thompson: Melody

The Bee

The Pipers Are Coming


15 Julia Cauchi

J. Thompson: In The Rickshaw

 The Paper Ships

From a Wigwam

The Bee


16 Martina Cauchi

J. Thompson: The Pipers are Coming

The Juggler

Ten Little Dancers


17 Kayleigh Vella

J. Thompson: Sunrise


I like Rhythm


18 Isaac Casha

R. Takacz: New Year’s Song

J. Thompson: The Nightingale and The Cuckoo


19 Riley Maxwell

J. Thompson: Shadow Dance

M. Schneider: Clowns


20 Bailey Maxwell

J. Thompson: The Giants Steps

The Bee

The Pipers Are Coming


21 Elizabeth Salau

P. Hall: Merry Go Round

P. Harris: Clouds

D. Blackwell: Spot The Interval


22 Yana Mihaescu

J. Thompson: Big Ships

The Pipers Are Coming

One Upon a Time


23 Maria Saliba

J. Thompson: The Juggler

The Trombone Player


24 Katrina Bonello

J. Thompson: Air

The Pipers Are Coming


25 Marina Gakovic

D. Kabalevsky: A Little Tune

C. Gurlitt: A Little Dance

G.F. Handel: Gavotte


26 Adam Gauci Davison

J. Hook: Gavotte

K. Daxbock: Boogie

I. Dragons: Believer

27 Laurent Dore Sukys

J. Thompson: The Pipers Are Coming

A. Ingmarov: Harp

M. Aron: Indian War Dance


28 Jude Hamilton

K. Daxbock: Boogie

W. M. Vogel: The March Time

A Rowley: A Little Chinese


29 Lucas Bugeja

J. Thompson: From a Wigwam

M. Praetorius: Old German Dance



30 Amber Cachia

J. Thompson: Music Land

J. M. Williams: Echo

J. Sebba: Spring and Winter


31 Marli Hurford

L. V. Beethoven: Fur Elise (arr. A. Small)

A. Small: Hey Betty Martin

 Expectation Waltz


32 Chris Feng

E. M. Burnam: Clunie, The Clown

Ballet Dancer


33 Ilona Mercieca

K. Czerny: Gavotte,

A Tune from Russia

L. Mozart: Burleske


34 Midori Mark

M. Thuntawech: Muay Thai

A. Small: Chopsticks


35 Mariah Cauchi

K. Czerny: Gavotte

J. B. Duvernoy: Study in G Major

L. V. Beethoven: Fur Elise (arr. A. Small)


36 Amy Peng

F. B. Price: The Goblin and the Mosquito


37 Iris Huang

R. Sakamoto: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence


38 Mariah Agius

Trinity grade 4 exercises: Music Box, Back to Bach


39 Andy Falzon

C. A. Loeschhorn: Study in C Major

F. F. Burgmuller: Innocence

A. Bullard: Disco Baroque


40 Katrina Delia

F. Kuhlau: Sonatina G Major, 1st mov.

R. Schumann: Sicilienne

H. Lemoine: Etude No.23


41 Tongyun Yang


Diabelli: Sonatina F Major


42 Michela Saliba

W. A. Mozart: Sonata in C major (Facile), 1st mov.

F. F. Burgmuller: L’Adieu


43 Paul Zammit

F. Chopin: Prelude in E minor

L. V. Beethoven: Fur Elise




---- The End ---

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