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1. Kira Maksimović

- J. Thompson: School Days, Lightly Row


2. Vasilisa Maksimović

- J. Thompson: Through the Woods, Ten Little Dancers


3. Kira & Vasilisa Maksimović - duo

- J. Thompson: The Pipers are Coming


4. Matteo Buhagiar

- J. Thompson: The Seabees, The Church Organ, Mary Had a Little Lamb


5. Amy Enriquez

- J. Thompson: Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Paratrooper, Marching Up and Down, Rag-Time Raggles


6. Ela Galea

- J. Thompson: Good King Wenceslas, Betty and Bill, The Postman


7. Nathan Saliba

- J. Thompson: The Seabees, March of the Gnomes, The Chimes


8. Roy Bugeja Magro

- J. Thompson: The Train, The Church Organ, Old Mc Donald


9. Elise Camilleri

-J. Thompson: Questions, Russian Traditional Song, Rain on the Roof


10. Pearl Dimech

- J. Thompson: Marching Up and Down, The Chimes, Old Mc Donald


11. Luca Cefai

- E. Haas: Echo, My Little Pony, Clowns


12. Lenah Borg Conti

- K. Daxbock: Flea Circus, Boat Trip, Fidgety Fellow


13. Valentina Spiteri

- P. Harris: Chips and Sauce, J. Thompson: The Pipers are Coming, K. Daxbock: Island in the Sea


14. Luke Casha

- J. Thompson: The Trombone Player, The Pipers are Coming


15. Lisa Saliba Thorne

- K, Daxbock: Flea Circus, Boat Trip, Fidgety Fellow


16. Norah Saliba Thorne

- K. Daxbock: Rocking Chair, Sea Grotto, Croak


17. Ella Cassar

- J. Thompson: Shadow Dance, I like Rhythm


18. Nathan Boccato Calleja

- J. Thompson: The Dancing Bear, Skip to my Lou, London Bridge


19. Gabriella Campbell

- J. Thompson: Yankee Doodle, Theme from "New World" Simphony, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen


20. Riley Maxwell

- J. Thompson: Chord Capers, Broken Chord Etude


21. Bailey Maxwell

- J. Thompson: Disonance, Tribal Dance


22. Karla Sammut

- J. Thompson: Ten Little Dancers, Sunrise, The Ballet Dancer


23. Özgün Özsoy

-J. Thompson: The Pipers are Coming, K. Daxbock: Pinochio, P. Harris: Fun Fair


24. Laurent Dore Sukys

- K. Daxbock: Boogie, P. Harris: Dreamy Clouds, A. Rowley: A Little Chinese


25. Julian Cordina

- J. Thompson: The Juggler, The Long Trail, H. Lemoine: Etude No. 1


26. Gerrard Camilleri

- S. Maykapar: Valse Op. 28 No. 5-Biriulki


27. Isaac Casha

- A. Diabelli: Sonatina Op.168, No.4 in B flat Major, 1st mov.


28. Chris Feng

- L.V.Beethoven: Sonatina in G major, Anh 5, 1st mov.


29. Amber Cachia

- A. Loeschhorn: Study Op.65, No.14 in G Major


30. Adam Gauci Davison

- L. V. Beethoven (arr.A.Small): Country Dance


31. Marli Hurford

- L.V.Beethoven (arr. A.Small): Moonlight Sonata Theme, L. Köhler: Study in G Major


32. Mariah Cauchi

- A. Diabelli: Sonatina Op.168, No.2, G Major, 1st mov.


33. Yana Mihaescu

- S. Attard: Playing Tag 1&2, J.S.Bach: Bourrée


34. Amy Peng

- C.Rollin: Prelude D flat Major, E.Grieg: Elfin Dance


35. Andy Falzon

- E. Elgar: Salut D'Amor, P. Harris: Study


36. Mariah Agius

- D. Cimarosa: Sonata A Minor, S. Maykapar: Valse Op. 28 No. 5-Biriulki 


37. Roy Zhang

-R. Sakamoto: Amore


38. Tongyun Yang

- J.S.Bach: Two Part Invention D Minor, P. Harris: Study


39. Paul Zammit

-E. Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1, L. Einaudi: Nuvole Bianche


40. Anne Marie Scerri

-L.V.Beethoven: Sonata Op.53, No.21 "Waldstein", 1st mov.

Students prepared by teachers:

Dr Milica Lawrence

Mr Aleksandar Gligić

Ms Dejana Denda

Mr Francis Camilleri

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