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Reuben Pace, Malta Piano Festival 2022, profile photo by John Grech_edited.jpg
Reuben Pace

Reuben Pace is composer, producer and music educator. After initial music tuition starting from the age of eight, Pace sat for a Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of Malta followed by a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

 In September 2001 he completed a Master of Arts in Creative Music Technology and Music for Film, Media and the Arts at the University of Wales, Bangor (UK). Subsequently he sat for a Ph.D in composition at said University of Wales, graduating in 2012. His music is performed regularly in Malta as well as abroad. He is the first Maltese composer to be performed at the prestigious Musikverein performance hall in Vienna (in September 2018). Pace has composed for a wide range of ensembles including for symphonic orchestra as well as ensembles combining acoustic and electronic elements such as his multi-media opera ‘Il-Kantilena , Karba ta’ Ħames Mitt Sena, Karba ta’ Żmienna’.

Pace has initiated several projects, one of them being City of Humanity which is an artistic-educational platform focusing on multi-disciplinary productions with a strong connection to Maltese Heritage. The first opera in the cycle City of Humanity 1 – Behind the Fortifications was premiered to great acclaim in November 2018. The second production the opera-film Blat : The Island Fortress was premiered in June 2022. Another international project Pace has started is Hearing Orpheus Today which consists of a series of chamber music concerts concentrating on new works by living composers.

"Asteroid Field" by Puben Pace

This short piece for piano solo is part of a small set of four pieces describing different aspects of our solar system. The other pieces are, ‘Cosmic Particles’Third Sphere from the Sun’ and ‘Different Orbis’

which are scored for flute, piano and cello.
Asteroid Field is in three parts describing an imaginary journey towards, through and away from an asteroid field.

A – Approach
Evokes an auro of mystery and suspense as the spaceship is moving towards the asteroid belt.

B – Inside
This pictures a hazardous ‘dance’ with the huge rocks which at times collide with each other and with th protective force field of the ship.

C – Moving away.
Similar to section A in evoking a feeling of mystery with echoes of the colliding space rocks going on till the very end.

This piece has a bizarre origin, it came to me during a dream where I was driving a space ship and the dream came complete with music. I woke up suddenly at around 2 am and sketched down the piece.


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