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Irena Popovic, Malta Piano Festival 2022_edited.jpg
Irena Popovic

Irena Popović was born in Ćuprija,Serbia in 1974. She graduated in composition and orchestration from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, under Srđan Hofman and Zoran Erić. She continued her education in Salzburg, where she got her master’s degree at the Mozarteum University, under Reinhard Febel. Her compositions have been performed in concerts and festivals all over the world. She’s active as a vocalist and pianist, performing with multiple music ensembles. For a long period of time, she was working as a music theory teacher in music schools, and later started working as a docent at the New Academy of Arts, teaching the subject Music and Theatre. Her most notable work is in film and theatre music. So far she has done more than a hundred plays all over Europe. Her work was awarded multiple times at prestigious festivals around the world, and she often works with prominent regional directors such as Andraš Urban, Kokan Mladenović, Blerta Neziri, Slobodan Unkovski, Oliver Frljić, Snežana Trišić, Tanja Mandić Rigonat and many more.


Highlighted awards:


Three times winner of Sterijina nagrada at Sterijino pozorje
Best music award at the Antalya festival
Two times winner of Best music award at Festival profesionalnih pozorišta Vojvodine

Best show award at the Brčko festival

Best music award at the Zenica festival

Best music award at the Pozorišno proleće festival in Šabac

"Do You Remember" by Irena Popovic

 Composed in (2019) for solo piano, repressed in us, transmitted through it, a frozen emotion pushed to the bottom.

"Ethernal Wave" 

About an eternal wave that never hit the bow of the ship… and the horizon line… (2019)

This is an emotion that is yet to come, that I wish for, that I hope for... that inexplicable feeling of happiness when your lips stretch into a smile... a face intended for another...

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