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Piano Recital

C. Debussy:

Prelude no. 8 -  La fille aux cheveux de lin (Book 1) 


Prelude no 9 - La sérénade interrompue (Book1)


Prelude no 10 - La cathédrale engloutie (Book 1)


Prelude no 12 - Minstrels (Book 1)


Prelude no 3 - La puerta del vino (Book 2)


Prelude no. 6 - “General Lavine” - eccentric (Book 2) 



  Pictures at an Exhibition

  Promenade (I) (French)

  1. Gnomus (Latin)

  Promenade (II)

  2. Il Vecchio Castello (Italian) 

  Promenade (III)

  3. Tuileries (based on  Dispute d’enfants aprés jeux) (French)

  4. Bydlo (Russian)

  Promenade (IV)

  5. Ballet of the Chicks in Their Shells (Russian)

  6. Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle (Yiddish)

  Promenade (V)

  7. Limoges. Le marché (based on Lad grande nouvelle) (French)

  8. Catacombae (based on sepulcrum Romanum) (Latin)

  9. The Hut on the Fowl’s Legs (based on Baba-Yaga) (Russian)

  10. The Bogatyr Gate in the Capital City of Kiev (Russian)

24.08.2022. at 19:00
Local Council Hall, Qala, Gozo

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