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Armando Ghidoni, Malta Piano Festival 2022_edited.jpg
Armando Ghidoni

Italian by origin but French by adoption, Armando GHIDONI brings together in his music the spirit of Italy and that of France. Eclectic composer, one detects in his melodies the sensitivity and the tradition of "bel canto". His harmonic writing evokes both French impressionism and the rhythms of jazz, giving his works a unique and very personal character. Many of his compositions are a reference today, and are regularly imposed in the biggest national and international competitions. Armando Ghidoni's catalog brings together a hundred works - a symphony, an opera, incidental music, sacred music, chamber music, performed in prestigious places and around the world: USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, Carnegie Hall in New York, Opéra Bastille in Paris, “Semana Ghidoni” in Rio de Janeiro…. Programmed at the Vichy Opera Minou et Gourmolon, opera in two acts, has been performed several times in France and abroad, and in particular in Vienna, Austria, in a German translation. In 2015, he received an award from the National Flute Association in the United States for his wind quartet “Swinging Counterpoint” (Newly Published Music Competition). This award is in addition to those already obtained, Honorable Mentions, in previous years for his works Jazzy Flute Challenge for flute and piano (2014), Badaluk Concerto for wind quintet (2006) and Adagio for flute and harp (1996). The 12th European Music Competition of Picardy, dedicated to the saxophone, was dedicated to him under the name of “Concours Armando Ghidoni”, and a hall of the Music Conservatory of Lencloître (department of Vienne, France) bears his name today. . In November 2016, for his musical activity around the world, the department of Vienne honored him: he was decorated with the department's medal following a concert entirely dedicated to him.

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