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Andrew M. Wilson

Andrew M. Wilson was born in 1960 and studied at Trinity College of Music and London University.
He was the Director of Music at Kelly College before becoming the Vice Principal of the National
College of Music, London. His orchestral, chamber, and vocal works have been recorded, published
and performed all over the world, from Paris, to Tokyo and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. He has won
many international awards and is a finalist in the 2022 NYC Contemporary Music Symposium at
Columbia University. Recent commissions include the Vaughan Williams Trust funded “A Requiem for Peace”, for the South West Chamber Choir; “The Pilgrim Fathers” for Southampton’s Mayflower400 celebrations and “The Morgowr” for the Cornwall Youth Orchestra. He was composer in residence at the 2022 Cornwall Horn Festival in Truro. His chamber music has been played and recorded by many top
ensembles such as the Dante String Quartet, and the Chamber Ensemble of London. In 2023 a major
new work to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the death of Sir Christopher Wren is to be
performed in the City of London. In 2021 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Johann Pestalozzi University, Miami, Florida.

"In The Attic" Opus 298 by Andrew M. Wilson was composed in 1960. During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 our thoughts often turned inwards. My usual inspiration comes from landscape but in this piece I was thinking about the dark, dusty corners of an old house "In The Attic", and what you might find there. "The Forgotten Toybox" has echoes of once loved playthings now abandoned: toy soldiers, trains, dolls and puzzles. Next we find a bundle of old “Love Letters” tied with faded ribbons and dried flowers inside envelopes with exotic stamps torn open so eagerly long ago. The music is in a suitably rich, romantic style. The attic is also the place for pests and the last movement is a picture of a contented, playful family of “Mice”!

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